The Night the Refs Stars Almost Beat the Champs (DAL vs LAK 4/21/2013) 2-4 3-4


Here we see “incidental contact” from Trevor Lewis, causing the officials to call a no goal.

Unlike my normal form, I’m going to post two videos to start the article, due to two pretty outrageous ref calls.  The relevant rules here are under Rule 69, Interference with the Goaltender.

Incidental contact with a goalkeeper will be permitted, and resulting goals allowed, when such contact is initiated outside of the goal crease, provided the attacking player has made a reasonable effort to avoid such contact. The rule will be enforced exclusively in accordance with the on-ice judgement of the Referee(s), and not by means of video replay or review.

If a defending player has been pushed, shoved, or fouled by an attacking player so as to cause the defending player to come into contact with his own goalkeeper, such contact shall be deemed contact initiated by the attacking player for purposes of this rule, and if necessary a penalty assessed to the attacking player and if a goal is scored it would be disallowed.

Trevor Lewis made a reasonable effort to slam on the brakes, and the defending player’s brakes were faulty.  Lewis never stepped inside the crease, so any contact from him was initiated from outside the crease.  The problem here is, no video replay or review allowed.


Here we see a clear high stick (stick above the shoulder), followed by Quick touching the puck but not controlling it.  After the rebound, it gets jammed in.  Instantly, Quick is calling for a high stick.  

The relevant rule here could be one of two things.  The puck hit the player’s stick while the stick was above his shoulder, and a puck going into a net following a stick that is above the crossbar, shall not be considered a goal.  In this case, the puck did touch Quick, but he did not gain control of the puck.  This is sort of a grey area.  Officials are not allowed to use video review to figure this goal out, because it did not go directly into the net off of the high stick.  They were not allowed to confer with Toronto, they had to confer only with each other.  They were allowed video review on the high sticking situation, and the explanation provided to Brown was “The way they explained it to me was – if it went in the net it would have been a no goal because it was a high stick above the crossbar, but because it was a high stick above the crossbar but below his shoulder – that’s [the reason],” according to him.  


Herald’s Take

This was just a whacky game in general.  I have to assume that LA already having clinched a playoff spot worked against them in the officials’ subconscious (or perhaps was the foremost thought in their brains).  Yes, the Stars have been playing solid hockey.  The decimated team has made quite the rally to try and work their way into a playoff spot.  This game should have ended 2-4, not 3-4.  The problem comes down to the restrictions on the officials with video review.  I understand the need for limiting situations where video review is allowed or not allowed, but this definitely worked against our boys tonight.  Thankfully, we can count on the Captain to take matters into his own hands, and he sent the high sticking rebound offender (Roussel) to the locker room with a huge, clean hit.  Again, we saw solid performance from our 3rd/4th lines (with the exception of Penner goofing up a couple of good opportunities).  Kopitar looked great tonight.  He won’t show up on the points board nearly as much as he deserves, but there were several great defensive plays from him tonight.  Brown looked a lot more crisp and put together tonight than he did the last two games.  The big, clean hits we always expect and two solid goals.  To add to the annoying calls tonight, Penner was pushed into Lehtonen.  Lehtonen was already off balance, falls, and Penner receives the goaltender interference call.  Another point of note… our boys won 42 of the 55 faceoffs.  Pretty damn impressive.

The boys looked good tonight.  Clean, crisp passes followed by good set up was the standard tonight rather than the happy occasion.  Dallas also looked good, but the lack of experience in their lines was apparent.  They started off looking great, but wore down as the game continued.  This was especially evident in overtime, where our boys absolutely dominated.


Goal Breakdowns

0-1 Richards, Penner and Carter with the assists.
Carter is being boarded, manages to get it to Penner.  Penner quickly skates behind the net, goes up the boards, tosses it in front of the net without looking.  This throws Dallas off a bit, and we’ve got two guys crashing the net.  Carter and Richards are both there waiting to either set a screen or get open for a pass.  Richards quickly roofs it, and Lehtonen isn’t even aware of puck location due to the quick scoop without looking.  Great awareness on Richards part, great no look pass from Penner.  (I don’t usually compliment the guy, but he deserves it here)

0-2 Brown, Kopitar and Williams with the assists.
Williams is digging in the corner, Dallas defender loses his stick.  Kopitar, with his usual calm composure, is in perfect position and open.  Williams slings it to him, he quickly passes to Brown.  Brown from the left circle takes a shot, and goes for the always tough high blocker.  Lehtonen was already in butterfly, so he couldn’t quite get his blocker up fast enough.

1-2 Eriksson, Whitney and Benn with the assists.
Benn digs it out of the boards, quick pass to Whitney at the point.  Whitney winds, takes the shot, and on a loose bounce, Eriksson scoops it up and dumps it in.  Puck hits Doughty’s stick on the way in, picks up an odd bounce.  Regehr is in good position to shut down the play, but with the odd bounce doesn’t quite get it done.  Quick misses the save by just a fraction.  Odd bounce + broken stick + quick hands of Eriksson lead to a Dallas goal.

2-2 Roussel, Garbutt and Goligoski with the assists.
Here we see the gray area high sticking tip/pass goal.  They are allowed to use video review in this situation, but apparently it’s decided that since the stick was above the crossbar but under the shoulder, it wasn’t considered an illegal tip, thus the rebound is allowed for a Dallas goal.  If you watch the replay, that was quite the leap to get the stick in position.  Quick is obviously angry, which only tends to happen when a.) he screws up b.) the refs screw up or c.) someone repeatedly runs into him.  Quick lifts his aptly tagged Warrior stick to indicate a high sticking followed by slamming it down on the ice after the call.  I already covered this above, so I won’t get into further detail.

3-2 Goligoski, Eakin and Smith with the assists.
Very shortly after the demoralizing no goal called on Lewis, while the crowd is still going nuts with anger, Dallas scores again.  Quick challenges the shot, makes a stop, but the puck bounces off him at a weird angle.  It goes across the crease, Quick spins and leaps, but Dallas jams it in just a brief moment before he can get to it.  As you can imagine, the crowd is absolutely livid.  Quick almost allowed the very tough over the pad under the blocker goal, catches it just off the jersey and redirects it.  There was some broken up coverage due to some hard forechecking in the corner.

3-3 Brown, Carter and Kopitar with the assists.
Powerplay goal.  This goal is a thing of beauty.  You can just feel the chemistry with this group.  The passes are quick, clean, and they keep Dallas wondering where the point of attack will be. Doughty fakes a slap shot, feeds it to Kopitar.  Carter goes for a slap shot, nice low rebound, and Brown jams it home.  This is definitely a highlight goal, absolutely love it.  Lehtonen still almost makes the save, just doesn’t quite get there in time.

Overtime Goal: Carter, Richards and Doughty with the assists.
LA is absolutely dominating the overtime period, which isn’t surprising, seeing as our third period and late game performance is always great as the opposition gets worn down.  The Kings cycle the puck for a bit in their own end.
Doughty passes to Richards, Richards absolutely rifles it, deflects off of Carter’s chest and in.  Carter is the blessed golden child on this team, and manages to put pucks in the net just by standing around it.


Netminder Breakdowns

Quick ends up with a .889 save percentage for the evening.  Remove the blown call, and he leaves with a .925%  Looking very good, Quick is waiting to react until the trigger is pulled rather than trying to challenge the shot or go for a poke check.  Rounding into great form just in time, he’s obviously getting his confidence back.  Several huge saves (click to view) throughout the night.  Great job tracking the puck, and his reflexes and athleticism are on display.

Lehtonen has put up great numbers against LA in the past.  He is the primary reason we lost to Dallas at home twice this year.  Tonight, he looked a little scrambly, and the sharpshooters were able to slide a few by him.  Ends the night with a .871 save percentage.


Roster Breakdowns

Healthy scratches for the night are Ellerby (not surprising with Greene back), Fraser (again no surprise), Martinez (going to wind up being on reserve unless someone gets injured) and our new prospect scoop Nick Shore.

Box Score, Stats for the Game

LAK 4, DAL 3
Shots on Goal: LAK 31, DAL 27
Hits: LAK 46, DAL 32
Faceoff Wins: LAK 42, DAL 13
Turnovers: LAK 13, DAL 10
Takeaways: LAK 8, DAL 4
Blocked Shots: LAK 7, DAL 19
Penalty Minutes: LAK 12, DAL 16


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  2. You should add video of the Ref getting accidentally hard checked by a King in the 3rd and the roar of the crowd at the Staples Center. It was awesome!