Quick Tells the Fans How He Feels (10/7/2013, GIF)



This is in response to the derisive cheer he received.  He let in the weird, flukey goal which you can see below.  He then made this simple stop on a penalty kill dump in, and the fans “cheered” for the save.  I can’t blame him for reacting this way.  As Dennis from the Fourth Period Put it, “You’d be angry too if 18,000 people saw you make a bad mistake at your place of work.”


5 comments on “Quick Tells the Fans How He Feels (10/7/2013, GIF)

  1. It was a weird fluke and he happened to drop his stick. He’d been saving the Kings’ bacon all night and it’s sad that the fans decided to give him a “Bronx cheer.” But then again, these were the same people who decided to chant “Lundqvist” when the Kings were still down 2-1. (I was in my seat groaning, going, NO YOU IDIOTS, WE’RE STILL DOWN 2-1. SHUT. UP.)

    Fans are generally stupid. Quick didn’t deserve that cheer but he handled it like the pro he is.

    • Yep. He is hard enough on himself, he didn’t need anyone else doing it. And he let the fans know it. I approve.

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  3. Poor Quick! Thankfully it’s only an early game, there’s still.. 80 games left?

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  5. Kate Willoughby on said:

    Since it was really the REST of the team that deserved the Bronx cheer (esp. D), maybe they’ll feel guilty that Quick was the scapegoat and step it up on Wednesday. I sure hope so. I get to go to the game on Wednesday.