We Lost to the Flames? That’s So Bad, It’s Like… It’s Like… Losing to the Flames! (CGY vs LAK, 10/21/2013)

So, here’s a recap for you.

The Flames came into the building as underdogs.  Mostly a young team in the middle of the rebuild, they have nothing to lose.  They probably play with a chip on their shoulders because everyone discounts them.  They came in chomping at the bit.

Our boys are in the middle of some minor re-aligning, but they probably entered the game taking it for granted.  It’d be the equivalent of the Broncos considering the Colts to be a bye week on Sunday night.

Ramo (the Flames back up goaltender) entered the game with a GAA of almost 5.  I assumed we would see the red light flaring tonight and we’d all be leaving happy.

Instead, this is what happened.

It took our boys almost the entire first period to score once.  Against a goalie with a GAA of 4.9 on the season.

Then, in the second period, Clifford received a holding penalty.  Calgary scored.

Doughty received a holding penalty.  Calgary scored.

Carter managed to pull of a beauty of a shorthanded goal due in large part to an incredible effort by Mike Richards.

In the third period, we sat on a 2-2 tie for over nineteen and a half minutes.

Kopitar received a hooking penalty.  Calgary scored.


We received six penalties to their three.  Our special teams couldn’t quite pick up the slack required to survive receiving 12 minutes of penalties in a 60 minute game.

Now.  Out of the last 10 games, we are 6-4-0 which leaves us 4th in the division behind the Sharks (8-0-1) and the Ducks (7-1-0) and the Coyotes (5-2-2).  Is it time to hit the panic button?  No.  We started last season even worse than this one.  Of those last 10 games we were on the road for 6.

Calm down, people.  Don’t be so ready to go back to the self hating fans of the late 90′s and early to mid 2000′s.  Hang tight.  See you on Thursday.

Oh, and since you probably need something to cheer you up, here you go.



One comment on “We Lost to the Flames? That’s So Bad, It’s Like… It’s Like… Losing to the Flames! (CGY vs LAK, 10/21/2013)

  1. Kate Willoughby on said:

    Double Facepalm. Hilarious. Not panicking. The Kings will prevail eventually. I have faith.