The Night the Kings Made a Third String Goalie a Contender for the Olympics Slot (EDM vs LAK 10/27/2013 Game Recap)

Nolan nailed Gazdic with an absolute haymaker.  and Gazdic had the option to drill Nolan in the face while he was laying on the ice.  Instead, he showed a bit of sportsmanship by deciding to hold off.

Herald’s Take

If we look at this game from a pure statistical view, the boys should have destroyed Edmonton.  We had 5 power plays to their 4.  We out hit them, we beat them in the faceoff circle and we had 30 more shots than they did.  This leaves out the Herculean effort that Bachman made tonight and the shift of philosophy the boys seemed to be utilizing tonight.  Edmonton has been a speedy team who focuses on out running and out finessing their opponents.  That leaves LA with a few options.  One is to force them to slow down by controlling the puck and employing the hitting game.  Another is to try and beat them at their own game.  The third is to keep them back on their heels so they don’t have time to employ their speed.  The boys went with the third option and it should have worked out more effectively than it did.  We wound up with two points in the overtime shootout (what, a Kings game that didn’t end in regulation?  You don’t say!)

King continued to have a very strong game tonight and Sutter played him on the first line with Kopitar once again.  Frattin had a solid game.  There were few very questionable calls tonight.  I agree with the ref calling the “no goal” as Bachman was not afforded the opportunity to make the save due to opposing player contact.  The penalty for hooking called on Doughty was very iffy as was the Carter interference call in OT.

Jay Wells was in attendance tonight and was the honored “Legend”.  For those of you who don’t know, here’s a brief lesson.  His nickname was the Hammer for obvious reasons.  He played in LA from 1979 (his rookie year) until 1988.  He then played for the Flyers for two seasons, the Sabers for three seasons, the Rangers for 4 seasons (where he won a Stanley Cup), the Blues for a season and then finished his career out with the Lightning for one final season.  He amassed 2,359 penalty minutes during his career.  Below is a video of Wells going at it with Brendan Shanahan during Shanahan’s rookie seasons:

Scoring Summary

1-0 EDM, Yakupov with assists by Belov and Petry

Petry passed it to Belov at the point who fired off a shot.  It bounced off of Jonathan Quick’s leg and straight onto Yakupov’s stick.  He was winding up as the puck bounced his direction and did a good job of going high to beat Quick’s glove.

1-1 LAK Richards with assists by Muzzin and Carter

While not on the scoresheet for this goal, Frattin deserves as much credit as anyone.  He was a floating screen in front of Bachman and prevented him from being able to see where the rebound went.  Getting traffic and screens in front of the net has been something the Kings have been lacking in and Frattin stepped in here.  Carter passed the puck to Muzzin at the point who fired off a shot.  Richards scooped up the puck and due to Frattin’s screen he had time to pick his shot and fire one home.  The angle was bad and the window was small but he managed to put it in for a goal.

Shootout replay:


Netminder Breakdown

Jonathan Quick finished the game with a .944%  He only faced 18 shots and most of them were not quality chances.  He did have to make a few big saves, but for the most part it was a quiet night for Quick.


Richard Bachman finished the game with a .979%  He was an absolute beast tonight.  He stopped 47 of 48 shots.  There were several great chances that he stopped.  Bachman had something to prove tonight.  He was drafted in 2006 by Dallas and then kicked around the AHL, ECHL, WCHA for several years.  He got pulled up for one game with Dallas in 2010-2011 and then went back to the AHL.  He then played 13 games for Dallas last year before getting sent back down.  This was the first game he’s played for Edmonton.  Our boys were just peppering him with shots and he was huge for Edmonton tonight.  He undoubtedly earned them a point while Edmonton was dealing with a very injury riddled roster.

Box Score, Stats for the Game

Shots: EDM 18, LAK 48

Power Plays 1/4 0/5
Hits 30 33
Faceoff Wins 34 38
Giveaways 15 18
Takeaways 4 9
Blocked Shots 18 7
Penalty Minutes 20 20

Roster Breakdown

Martinez sat again.  Oh coach my coach we would love to see this man on our ice.  Carcillo was out tonight (he and Fraser seem to be taking turns riding the pine) and our backup defense that we have to keep around due to contract obligations, Keaton Ellerby, was also scratched this evening.


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