Quick, Greene, Stoll, Clifford, Carter Suffer Injuries, How Will We Fare?

Quick Groin Pull


Quick pulled his groin as he kicked the puck out.  You can see that he instantly jerked his leg back underneath him after the kick, leaned against the goal post and began stretching.

Shortly after the play, the trainer came over and had a conversation with him.  He did groin stretches for a few minutes and was then replaced by Ben Scrivens.

We have no idea the severity of the injury and we probably won’t for some time.  The next two games are back to backs so I would predict that Scrivens will play the next game (as he very well might have done anyway) to give Quick time to evaluate his injury and heal.

Let’s look at the rest of the team.

Clifford took a blow to the head in the Canucks game and has to clear league mandated concussion protocol before returning to the ice.  He has not skated as of yet.

Greene did not skate for the 11/10 practice.

Stoll is skating but has missed three games now.

Carter (as of last report) is still wearing a boot on his injured/aggravated foot.  He was placed on injured reserve which means he has to be out at least a week.  Carter fractured the same foot in Philadelphia and then again in Columbus.  He has had a plate and several screws in that foot for some time which leaves that foot problematic for the foreseeable future.

Vey and Toffoli were brought up to replace Clifford and Stoll.  They performed admirably against Vancouver and played a decent game against Buffalo tonight.  Toffoli had an assist:

Vey also won 62% of his faceoffs and played for 17 minutes tonight.

In Greene’s place is Martinez.

Martinez played far fewer minutes (16:50) than Doughty (30 minutes) and Muzzin (23 minutes) and playing a similar amount of time as Regehr (17:44).

On the year, Martinez is +3 with one assist and a penalty in 8 games played.

So, what are we looking at here?

Stoll is a gritty, tenacious player who can throw a body check with some of the best and is a monster in the faceoff circle.  Vey is stepping in for him at center and has done well in the two games he’s played.  We lose some grit as Vey is 6’0″ 189 lbs and Stoll is 6’1″ 213 lbs.  We also lose some experience but we gain some speed and playmaking ability.

Toffoli steps in for Clifford who has only 1 point on the year in 16 games played.  We also lose some size and grit here as Clifford is 6’2″ 211 lbs and Toffoli is 6’1″ 196 lbs.  It’s not much of a size difference but Toffoli is a shooter rather than a grinder type.

With Carter out, we’ve been forced to utilize Colin Fraser.  Fraser played only 12 minutes tonight beating out only Carcillo (10 minutes) and Frattin (11 minutes.)  Fraser has only 1 point on the year with 10 games played.  He’s also received 12 penalty minutes (don’t forget his penchant towards fighting in the first couple of games.)

While Martinez is certainly a player I’d like to see utilized more often, he is no Greene.  Greene is a tower of a man who can shot block, clear the crease and dent the boards.  Martinez is more suited to a two way style of play than he is a stay at home, punishing type defensive player.

Clifford offers a lot of intangibles but he doesn’t produce points in the same manner as Toffoli or Vey.  Stoll is definitely a loss as he is (typically) our most reliable faceoff man and can play the physical game we are known for.

Carter being out and Fraser being in is definitely a loss as well.

I’d like to be optimistic and think that Vey and Toffoli coming in for the three injured forwards will help replace the scoring we will miss with Carter gone.  I can’t say the same for Fraser.  We’ve already had scoring issues this year and Quick is in a bit of a slump.  We obviously can’t blame it all on him but he isn’t filling the gaps the defense is leaving him with currently.  Now, Quick may very well miss a couple of games leaving us with Scrivens.

On the year Scrivens has a save percentage of .924 and a GAA of 1.89.  This is (statistically) better than Jonathan Quick but he’s only played 5 games.  He was only supposed to start in 2 of those 5 games and so received a little over 1 minute of ice time tonight, 23 minutes of ice time against Tampa Bay and 14 minutes of ice time against Winnipeg.  He did earn a shut out against Florida (not the most formidable opponent) and performed well against his start in Phoenix.  While LA fans tend to overly love their backup goaltender we just can’t be sure how he will perform if Quick has to miss multiple games.

Too Long Didn’t Read:  While we are banged up and missing some key players it is not time to throw up our hands and cry “Woe is the collective me!”  Quick’s injury is (hopefully) short term.  Stoll is skating.  Clifford can (presumably) play as soon as he clears concussion protocol so that only leaves Greene (undisclosed) and Carter (no timeline yet.)  This gives us an exciting opportunity to see how the unknown quantities will play out.  Give Martinez a chance and let’s see what the kids from Manchester can do.  Keep your chins up, your fists raised and your faith strong.


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